Junior Scientists Participation Fellowships

The Scientific Leaders of the next Generation!

Thanks to the Division of Fundamental Research of the Swiss Chemical Society and the support of the industrial participants (see Acknowledgements), every year 12-16 young promising European scientists (including Russia and Israel) at the beginning of their academic careers have received a fellowship to participate to the Bürgenstock conference. The intense interactions between junior and senior scientists have inspired much frontier research and are at the origin of many fruitful scientific collaborations.

The Organizing Committee asks leading scientists, former Presidents and invited speakers of the ‘Bürgenstock Conferences’, as well as Presidents of European Chemical Societies to nominate candidates at the beginning of their career. Eligible candidates:
  • PhD degree obtained in 2014 or later at the application deadline with at least one publication as (co)-corresponding author.
  • Candidates with a PhD degree obtained before 2014 can be considered in exceptional cases due to career breaks. For example, in case of a parental care leave, two years are automatically added to the eligible PhD defense year.
The long list of candidates, complemented by spontaneous applications of young researchers, is reviewed by the President and the Organizing Committee. They select the best junior scientists for support based on scientific excellence and diversity.

Since 2019, to promote early world-wide interactions among leading scientists of the next generation, up to two fellowships each will be attributed to young scientists from North/South America and Asia/Oceania/Africa respectively. Nominations will made exclusively by leading scientists selected by the Bürgenstock Committee.

The application for a JSP fellowship must include:
  • a CV, indicating the official date on which the PhD degree was obtained
  • a publication list with publications as corresponding author clearly highlighted and
  • at least one letter of reference in case of spontaneous application
It should be sent to Jérôme Waser from the Organizing Committee ()
Deadline: November 15th 2022.

Industrial JSP
Since 2021, in addition to the academic JSPs, three junior industrial scientists in their first 12 years of career are selected by the organization committee as industrial JSP fellows (without financial support).

Current Class and Past JSP Participants

Year 2023

Academic JSP
Prof. Athina Anastasaki, ETHZ
Dr. Clément Camp, CPE Lyon
Prof. Alicia Casitas, University of Marburg
Dr. Aurélien de la Torre, Institut de Chimie Moléculaire et des Matériaux d'Orsay
Dr. Adrian Gomez Suarez, University of Wuppertal
Prof. Max M. Hansmann, Technische Universität Dortmund
Prof. Jovana Milic, University of Fribourg
Dr. Constanze N. Neumann, MPI Mülheim
Dr. Wade F. Petersen, University of Cape Town
Dr. Marc Reid, University of Strathclyde
Dr. Ben Schumann, Imperial College London
Dr. Christopher J. Teskey, RWTH Aachen
Prof. Zachary Wickens, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Prof. Sidney M. Wilkerson-Hill, UNC Chapel Hill

Industrial JSP
Dr. Quentin Lefebvre, Spirochem AG
Dr. Loic Roch, Atinary Technologies Inc.
Dr. Cayetana Zarate, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson